How 3 Photoshop Editing Features Enhances Your Photos

I trust the last three posts have given you an added impetus to get out and about with your camera. The first week, I wrote about how to capture some satisfying shots of the beautiful butterfly. I would love to hear your success stories! If you have your own blog then post the address of it in a comment box so that you can share your successes with my other readers.

As we draw to the end of the year, the weather gets colder and the long dark evenings have set in. As a result, more of us may feel the frustration that comes with a physical disability and illness. It might be you just don’t feel good enough to go out. So, does that mean we have to pack our cameras away for the winter?

No way! You might recollect in my second post I shared with you how I have been able to set up one of my rooms to be like a bird watching hide. If you find you’re spending more time inside, then now would be a great time to see if you can do the same. Let me know how you go!

The winter time means you now have time on your hand to edit and organise all of those gorgeous photos you took during the summer months. During the summer I take many pictures of flora. My favourites are Roses and tulips but there is an endless variety.

Some photos, such as these pictures of white roses, are taken in my own garden, my wife is the gardener and her roses are her pride and joy. But when I am out and about no garden is safe from my camera. And there are also those visits to natural trust gardens and homes and meadows of wildflowers.

So in today’s post, I want to share with you one basic organisation tip and three editing features I use in Photoshop Elements to bring something special to my summer photos.


I’m sure you’re already in the good habit of downloading your photos from your camera to a designated folder on your laptop or PC. I use a folder named “Pictures for Post Editing”.

Why have a designated folder? Well, if you’re like me then you will have had those times when you wasted your valuable time looking for a specific photo. Having a designated folder saves your precious time so that you have more of it to show others your lovely photos.



0013_4With this photo, I changed the background to White. I used the Vignette editing feature which allows the photo to blend into the background. It also takes away the framed edge of the photo.

You will notice the rose has the additional feature of water on the pettles. This wasn’tt produced with Photoshop. However, it’s a very simple and highly effective method which gives the photo an extra layer. I’ll share this tips and more in a later post.

Look out for it!


0004_6This photo was also edited using a Vignette. However, I also included a feature where you can use a brush to soften the edges. Changing the opacity of the photo is also a great inclusion. You see in this picture a low opacity being used which produces a weakened depth or translucency in colour.


_dsc6788I absolutely love black and white photos. This simple yet emphatic feature enhances the contours in the photo, and rather than being distracted by the colour the eye focuses on the subject.

You might be wondering “Why do you go to all this trouble editing?” “What do you do with them afterwards?”

Firstly, it gives me an opportunity to focus on something other than not being able to make my way outside.

I have also used these edited photos to make small cards or calendars for friends and family.

They have also been known to find their ways into frames which now sit proudly on a mantlepiece or in a cabinet.

That’s all for this week’s post.

Happy Snapping! (Editing)

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