How Using The Bad Weather, Brings Your Photos To Life?

The typical stereotype of an Englishman’s conversation starter is the weather. The weather definitely dictates how we feel. At this time of the year, I am very grateful that one of few things I don’t suffer from is Seasonal Affective Disorder. However, in today’s post I wanted to share some tips on how to make the most of those bad weather days.

No one likes bad weather, especially if you have an illness or restricted mobility. However, if you have been confined to indoors for a few days, then whatever the weather may be you’ll want to escape those same 4 walls for a few hours. Many of those that suffer from long term illnesses have to eventually give up driving and rely on others to get us from A to B. While this may be very frustrating at times, it can free you up to take some photos as you pass by beautiful subjects.

Remember, this is on a bad weather day. So, how can you capture great photos?


I remember this day was hazardous to anyone that braved it. Yet, despite the gales, I was able to capture the movement of the trees from the roadside.


As you can see, the darkness of the sky here is magnified when converted into black and white.


This photo was taken on one of those four seasons in one day moments. First, the sun was out, then it was cloudy, we even had hailstones for a while. Yet, the bad weather gave this photo great depth and feeling. It was taken from the warmth and comfort of the passenger seat.

On most of the modern day cameras, you have the facility to take the original photo in black and white. However, all of the photos above were taken in colour and then converted afterwards using Photoshop Elements.

How can you do this?


Pick a subject that is going to stand out against the backdrop. For example the cow, trees, white cottage.


Using the original colour photo, enhance the colour of the photo until it is almost garish to look at. Always shoot in RAW mode, this will give you the maximum tonal range to work with.


The easiest step of the three.

On the use of Photoshop, many say to me that to enhance a photo is cheating. I used to have my own darkroom in my 35mm days and before my illness got to where it is now. In the darkroom, I used many tricks to enhance the photo. Tricks of the trade like Dodging and burning, holding back, tinting, using templates to create shapes, all sorts. Nobody called that cheating. It was known as being creative.

Well in the digital age we have some amazing piece of software that allows us to carry on being creative. GO AHEAD! Use it! 


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