Why We Should Be Grateful For The 4 Seasons!

As we head into January we may not feel so grateful for the cold, ice, wind, rain and possibly snow depending on where you live. Yet, for photographers the 4 seasons give us so much to work with. This is vital for those of us with restricted mobility that aren’t able to jump on Eurostar, a ferry or a plane to picture beauty spots. We have to deal with what we have and we have to keep it fresh.

As a contrast, some countries don’t have the change in seasons as we do. If you travel to Asia where my son has lived for 8 years then you’ll find a constant hot season all the way through. There’s no spring, autumn or winter as we know it. You don’t have the amazing contrast you might get in New York State when summer becomes autumn or “fall” as they call it.

So, today I wanted to basically share with you 4 photos that i took either sitting in the passenger seat of the car, or on a good day standing outside the car for a few seconds or minutes depending on the level of pain.

The pictures highlight Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Have a look and see how each season gives us a different canvas to work with. It offers us different effects and colours. Yet,  each one is still something you can be proud of and helps to make you feel a little bit better of yourself.









I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Sorry that I didn’t share anything with you last week, sometimes the body won’t do what you want it to do.

I’m really grateful for all those that take the time to let me know they liked the post. I really would like to be able to help many more that have restricted mobility to see that they can have a worthwhile hobby and interest and get good results from it.

If you have found any of the suggestions on here helpful I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me on twitter, facebook or by email.

If you know of anyone that might benefit from this post or the ones before then please either share it on twitter, facebook or you can even email.

Thanks for visiting

Happy Snapping for the week ahead.



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