Where Can You Capture Great Photographs Every Day?

Welcome to another post helping of all us to enjoy the wonders of photography. If any of you are new to my blog you’ll understand very quickly that I want to share with others the photos that I am happy to say are my own doing.

Why are my photos different? Well, I am one of many people that you see each day making their way down high streets on a mobility scooter. The majority of my photos are taken whilst I am sitting on my scooter or being driven from A to B as I am not able to drive anymore.

So my photos are to prove that if we have restricted mobility, we are not restricted to what we can achieve!

What I wanted to share with you this week are some ways and some places where you can make opportunities for stunning photos of these intriguing creatures.


For may of us that have restricted mobility, we will jump at the chance to have a sit outside in the garden. If we have lived in the same place for many years, we might find that our garden has become a bit dull and boring. We might daydream about being a professional photographer, assigned out to a magical place surrounded by creative subjects waiting to be captured. We might suffer a little green envy at their priviledge and our reality.

That said, what does the Wasp Spider you see have to do with this weeks post. Well, for a start this photo was taken in my garden. I purposely have things in the garden that I know will attract these beautiful insects. This day must have been a nice one which afforded me the opportunity to have a sit outside. With my trusty camera by my side, I was able to make the most of our little friend venture out on an old log in the garden.

The white crab spider that you see here traversing over a daisy was also taken in the privacy of my garden.00011-1



Do you have a local allotment near your home or in the town that you live?

Special areas in many of the larger towns and cities in the UK are set aside for residents to rent an area where they are able to grow their one fruit and vegetable. These areas are becoming more and more accessible for ones with disabilities.

The photo you see here of the white crab spider feeding on his prey was taken whilst I was making my way through a local allotment. Allotments are great because you have long grass, lot of moist areas which spiders love, sheds that are the haven of the retired husbands who seek a little bit of “me time”. These areas are also loved by our 8-legged friends. They are relaxing, and give you a great opportunity for a photo shoot.


00103When I am heading down the road, I pass by hedgerows slowly. If you are able to use your scooter in the local park or gardens, then park up next to some trees, hedgerows or areas with long grass.

Sometimes, by disturbing the branches and leaves you can stir nature out of its lumber find yourself with a priceless opportunity for a majestical photo. I did this near some trees in the local park, and I came across this dragonfly trying to hide on an oak leaf.

There you are, 3 local and relatively easy places for us all to navigate in the hope of capturing a photograph that we can feel very happy with and share with our friends and families.

Hope this has given you both food for thought, but also stirred you to action to use whatever nice weather we might have this week to get out and have a great time with your camera.


Happy Snapping




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