How To Capture Great Photos Around The Clock?

+A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how we can use the good old English weather to capture some great photos. Well, recently the weather has not been great apart from one day last week. It was cold but bright and it was my ticket to grab a few hours out of the house.

Well, it made me think about how those of us that don’t have the freedom to venture outside every day have to make the most of those few minutes or hours. We can’t sit around wondering “what if’s”. We have to grab the circumstances and turn it into an advantage or opportunity for a great photo.

Therefore, I thought I might use the coastline as a great subject to talk about. If you live by the coastline then you have a great and ever changing subject to work with. That can also be said if you live in a city centre, the beautiful countryside, or in a small market town with numerous little rivers nearby.

As mentioned before, the weather can have a great impact on your day but can add fantastic depth or feeling to your snaps. The same is true of the  different times in a day. Early Morning, Late Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Nighttime. Each of those different times will change your subject, giving you a different experience.



Here I captured a Dorset landmark “Old Harry Rocks” on a relatively cloudless day. Can you imagine at night time this picture wouldn’t really work? Yet if you were out and about around sunset, capturing Old Harry Rocks with the sun dipping behind, what a different result you would have?

However, if you were wanting to convince someone to come and visit your beautiful part of the world, then a photo like this would easily do the trick. This daytime photo shows off the beauty of this famous landmark.



Capturing this on a beautiful evening brings a different feel to the photo. You can tell that the sun is setting, it makes the green grass warmer. In the day, you would be able to tell that in the distance is a balloon which is a very popular attraction in the Bournemouth gardens.

However, at this time of the day, you’re not able to tell. That in itself creates a different dimension. It makes the viewer have to think about what he or she is looking at. It’s a form of entertainment.



This photo if it had been taken earlier in the day would be missing so many of the features that nighttime brings to life. For a start, there would be no moon and thus maybe just look like many others photos of a pier against the sea. In the day, you wouldn’t have the additional lights turned on so you would lose the reflection and shadows of the light on the sea.


Sorry, I can’t help myself and throw in a black and white photo. However, it shows how changing the subject to black and white can enhance it. This may have been taken on a cloudy day and would have resulted in a dull photo. Even though capturing the cars all parked in a line is an interesting feature, in colour it wouldn’t have added anything to the photo. Especially, as all the cars were of a similar colour.

On the other hand, if maybe you noticed that the cars parked were the colours of the rainbow and they were in the correct order then that would be a shame to change it to this format. In this case, the black and white which lends the photo a different feeling.


So, we are getting ever closer to spring which will give all of us with restricted mobility more chances to get out and about. If though you can grab a little bit of freedom this coming week then use whatever time of the day to give your photo a different edge. Let the photo entertain, resonate or move the viewer to action. 

I’m always happy to hear what you think of the post, so please feel free to leave a comment. I’m really pleased to have passed my second month with my blog and truly hope that it’s proving useful to those of you that are kind enough to read.

Have a good week and happy snapping!



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