3 Simple Tips For Avian Photographers To Capture Birds In Flight.

You’re probably very well aware of the famous quote “Never work with children or animals”. If you spend a lot of hours in a studio doing creative shots of a family with their newborn baby or family of four with their beloved cat or dog, then you will most likely agree with the wise words.

Trying to get little ‘Billy’ to smile and keep his eyes open at the same time may be a challenge. Having enough doggy treats to convince the family labrador to sit still may well eat into your profits. Children and animals together in the same shot, may well be too much for a weak ticker. It would be for mine.

However, one of the nicest feelings a photographer out in the wild has is capturing an action shot. Would you agree? Today, I’m going to give three simple suggestions on capturing birds in flight.



You need to use a fast shutter speed. To do this, you’ll need to turn your camera to manual or shutter priority. ISO may be high but in modern cameras that is not too much of a problem.



This doesn’t mean location primarily, although it would be good if you can safely get yourself into a location where there is a steady traffic of birds. Being on a scooter can at times lessen our options. Don’t give up! Maybe there is a park, pond, lake near your home. Try it out, take note over a few days where the best places might be.

However, I said this isn’t primarily about location. For the best shots, you need to make sure that the sun is behind you.




The best time to capture this particular type of photograph is when the sun is not too bright. So, earlier in the day and later in the day are prime times for great photos. The sun at these times will bring an added goldenness to your end result.

You may need to sit around for a while until you get the right photo, so it’s best only to do if you have enough spare time and your body will allow you to sit for that length of time. Taking some refreshments might also help you to patiently wait.



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