My Favourite 2016 Success: European Robin.

Each month I like to set myself a goal, maybe even two or three that will be both attainable and slightly challenging. Goals are a fantastic way of adding freshness to your photography and pushes you to learn and try new things.

What goals did you meet in 2016? I would love to see some of them. You can post them to me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

One of the goals that I successfully met in 2016 was capturing the stages of life for a newborn robin. We had a couple of very friendly robins that flitted and darted between mine and a neighbours garden. The goal was most definitely attainable as they were happy to settle down so close by, yet, it was going to be a challenge to be able to capture each stage of the process.

Birds take on a whole new attitude when feeding their young. However, their desperation for food to feed their young means sometimes they will come close to the house. A tasty dish of mealworms and seed strategically placed was a great help. After a while, the parent robin became very comfortable that I was nearly able to get it to take food from the palm of my hand. (You’ll have to take my word for that, as I wasn’t able to feed and take the picture at the same time.)

There’s a goal for 2017. Watch this space!

All of these photos were taken with a Nikon D7200 using a Tamron 70-300mm zoom.













Goals For 2017

What are your goals for February 2017?

Please leave a comment below with a link to your site. If you are able to reach your goal, by all means, contact me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and I’ll mention you in my March 2017 post where I’ll hopefully share with you the results of my February 2017 Photography Goal.

I look forward to celebrating with you!

Happy Snapping!!



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