One Reason Why You Should Never Be Too Far From Your Camera?


As most of my readers know, I am not able to get out and about as much as I would love to. Therefore, I am pretty much dependent on the subjects coming to me as I am finding them.

One day, I was standing at the window of my bedroom and enjoying the warmth of the sun through the glass, admiring the flowers and commenting on how long the grass had got since we last had it mowed.

0001resizedWithin a few minutes, there was a family of noisy yet playful starlings darting between the fence, trees and the grass.

I sensed a photo opportunity was about to present itself.

It did!

0026resizedThe youngster decided he needed to be fed, and the parent duly obliged with feeding his fledgeling right in front of the window where I was standing. My camera was within reachable distance, and before he’d finished his last mouthful I was able to capture a photo that made my time at the window count.


So, against all the odds, this little family chose my garden from all the gardens in the street, and I was very happy that they did.


Against the Odds



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