How To Transform Your Dormant Photos Into Beautiful Gifts!

Have you got hundreds, maybe even thousands of photographs lying dormant on your hard drive or stored away in a ‘cloud’. I have. Thousands of them. My keyboard doesn’t have a delete button.

How can you use those dormant photos to a better purpose?


That’s right.

Of course, you can go down the high street and purchase a card for a whole number of different occasions. Yet, as ‘creatives’, wouldn’t it be more fitting and personal to create a greeting card from your photos.

How can you do it?

Firstly, you need to use a simple photo editing program. I personally use Photoshop Elements. I would love to use the Adobe Lightroom package, but that’s a little beyond me at the moment.

Here are some examples of some flower photos that I have edited using Photoshop Elements.


Dandelion Seed Head


A Nigella or ‘Love In The Mist’ Seed Head.


A Fully Open ‘Love In The Mist’




Bleeding Hearts

Secondly, once you have edited the specific photos, using another piece of software you can transform them into greeting cards. Again, there is a whole list of different software’s that you can use. Currently, I am using Serif Photoplus 9.0.

Be careful, many sites will tell you that it’s a free download. Whilst it may be free to download, they’ll then require you to purchase the full version to actually use the program or the free version will be so basic that to do what you would like to do will require some expense.

Being a ‘creative’ you probably already have one that you use. As I say, if you don’t, then you can check out Serif PhotoPlus 9.0.

I always aim to make the greeting card A6 size, printed on 3 sheet linen texture card. Once it’s printed, I fold the card in half which makes the final product A5 size.

Here, you can see how the original photo of the sunflower has been edited using Photoshop Elements and then transformed into a greeting card using Serif Photoplus 9.0


I’m really happy that I’ve been able to get two posts out to you this week. This was a goal I had for the month of February, and so pleased I was able to make it.

This past week I have seen a lot of new visitors to my site, and a few more leaving some really nice comments.

Everyone is grateful for a ‘Thanks’, but I’m really happy to hear that some of the suggestions and tips are coming in useful to you. That makes me double happy.

Oh, by the way, if you are able to find software that allows you to convert photos into greeting cards for FREE, then leave a comment below with the link for any other readers.

Thanks again.

See you on Tuesday

Happy Snapping!



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