A Match Made In Heaven

What would you describe as a good match?

If your a foodie, then fish and chips, sausages and mash, and steak and kidney might spring to mind.

If you are a traveler then mountains might make you think of Nepal or the Himalayas. Golden beaches will cause you to dream of an ‘Aloha!’ in Hawaii. Stunning, breathtaking rolling countryside will probably cause you to book up a weekend in the Peak District.

As a photographer, I can’t think of many better ‘good matches’ as Water & Flora.

To my untrained eye, this photograph has so many other matching layers under the obvious one of Water and Flora.

It shows the delicacy and beauty of the flower even though as it were under duress from this large raindrop.

It conveys the reluctance of the flower wanting to let go, but cannot fight against the natural law of gravity.

The raindrop, even though we wouldn’t drink it still has the purity to create a small window of clarity in among a blurred environment.

A Good Match



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