That Man Gets Everywhere! Who?

That man gets everywhere!

Who? I hear you say (It’s not crazy talking to a screen, really it isn’t. I do it all the time.)

Well, this photograph of a sudden flood in the road was taken near where one of my two sons work. It’s at a place called Boorley Green. This is a picturesque place near Eastleigh and Southampton, Hampshire, England.

Well, I thought of giving you some interesting facts to go along with the photo.

I typed “Boorley Green Facts” into my web browser, and of all people, HE came up.

Who’s HE!?

You’ve probably guessed by now. It was an article on Donald Trump, the now POTUS.

I think it’s FAKE.

Anyway, I was out one day with my good wife for a country drive, and lo and behold the “road had been taken” by a natural cause. We couldn’t get through. That’s not FAKE.


The Road Taken

Happy Snapping!


My next post on Tuesday is going to tell you all about the goals I have set for the beautiful month of March, and the goals that I met in the 28 days of February.

See you then!



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