Have Success In Spring With This One Attainable Goal!

Can you believe we are already in March?

For ones who have restricted mobility, November to February feels like hibernation. As the evenings get longer, and wind loses some of its icelike chills, we can all gradually stick our noses out of the door and taste the spring quickly approaching.

How did you fare in the month of February? Were you able to reach any photography goals?

Last month I shared my favourite 2016 success. From the response I got, it seemed a lot of you really liked it. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, then here is a link.

Well, the goal that I have set for this month, March, is a little similar. Yet firstly, let me explain the goal that I met in this past month and also my favourite photo of the month.


Starting this blog was a real milestone for me, I was so excited to start my journey with a post about my favourite subject “Butterflies“. And, I’m really happy how my website has evolved over the past 3 months and a bit. At first, I wanted to send out a consistent weekly post hoping to help fellow budding photographers who are my limited by circumstances beyond their control.

From the amount of likes and comments that I received, I am really happy to have been of some help to you. At the beginning of the year, it was my aim to post twice a week. I decided that I would have one insightful post with a few helpful hints and suggestions and another that was a little more freer in its expression.

Therefore, for the past month, I have been sharing in the Weekly Photo Challenge that is provided by WordPress themselves.  Actually, It’s been a lot of fun trying to fit a picture to the challenge. It has also introduced a lot more readers to my site, and I’ve spent a few enjoyable hours looking at others personal moments captured through the lens.

How about you?

What goals did you set and reach in February? I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment, or connect with me on twitter and facebook. 


For those of you that have been following me since the end of last year may recall my blog post on Goldfinches. Now, in that blog post, I gave a few suggestions on how you could turn your bedroom, guest room or any room into a satisfactory ‘bird hide’. This was particularly aimed at those that aren’t able to get out and about and have to spend a lot of time inside looking out the window, patio doors or from a balcony.

Did any of you try this? I would love to see the results.

This past month, I’ve been incredibly limited in getting out. I have been resigned to focusing my camera lens out of the bedroom window and hoping for some success.

This is what I captured!

N2 00389


If any of you are interested in the details, the setup for the second photo was:

Aperture: F8. Shutter Speed: 1/250th. ISO 1600

What’s My Goal For March 2017

In the months of March and April, you get a small 3-4 week window of opportunity to photograph Courtship Feeding. The ‘feature’ photograph is one of two robins engaging in courtship feeding. This isn’t something only unique to Robins, many species of garden birds have their own courtship feeding display.

My goal is to capture the courtship feeding with as many different species of birds as I can.

If you’re not sure what courtship feeding is, then there is a great description on the British Trust of Ornithology.

So, let’s hope the sun comes out and the rain abates so I can reach my March goal.

What are your goals for March 2017?

Again, get in touch and let me know. If you leave a link to your site then I will try and mention you in my forthcoming monthly post on goals and successes.

Have a great week.

Happy Snapping!



  1. I am multiple morbidity and winter is not kind. I used to love it, the skating, x-country skiing, the kayaking semi-frozen rivers…It. All. As mobility issues piled up I adapted, investing in high tech clothes and gear, but the end came the day I frost bit my face while out shooting ice formations on Lake Michigan. Winter no longer loved me back. I was not safe. I now spend time in the panhandle of Florida hiding from snow and crowds.

    Accomplishments? I made a conscious decision to put down my Nikons and just ‘be’ and came up with the best shots of the season. I used the iPhone but inspiration was amazing.

    I also got safely back north, sold some works and had a marvelous night of bar hopping in Nashville on the way home.


    1. Having limited ability myself I can relate to your beautifully worded story. Frustration is my biggest enemy, but have to be content with what i can do. I admire decisions you made but not sure I’m ready to put down my Nikons yet. Thank you for sharing your story with me. Warm regards


  2. This post is very interesting. I have Gray Jays in my garden. I started bird watching and feeding last year. A pair of Gra Jay were courting in my backyard, laid eggs, but the squirrel got the eggs. I took a whole bunch of photos when they were courting and mating. They came back this year. By the second week, they built their nest. That was several weeks ago. The last couple days they started courting, necking. Today, it was more intense, I was the mating but I missed the photo. After the mating, they were still touching, necking for a while before they sat down very quietly for a long time. I hope the squirrel won’t get their eggs this year, They built the next higher in the tree!


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