The 3 Faces of a Peace Lily.

It’s quite intriguing what you can learn when you set out on doing some research for a post. The Photo Challenge this week is all about “wish”. As a photographer and a lover of creation, I would love to see the earth being taken care of properly. Secondly, we all desire to see everyone that is privileged to live here, also treat each other better than we do.

So what creative element expresses that?

It may be a bit of a stretch, but I chose the Peace Lily.

Well, as I was researching this beautiful houseplant, I came to understand that this flower or houseplant can mean different things to different people.

Face 1: Religious


The latin name for this flower is Spathiphyllum, meaning peace and prosperity. Thus, it takes the name Peace Lily. Some Christian beliefs connect this flower with the teaching of the immortal soul and the Easter celebration.

The Taoist Chinese use the Peace Lily in their practising of feng shui. This is also similar to face number 2.

Face 2: Health


Some people use this flowers essence to balance out people’s bodies and the different radiations that we are exposed to. I read that if you put a Peace Lily next to a TV, it will absorb some of the radiation.

Face 3: Hazard


This flower has been categorised in the top 10 of most toxic houseplants. They can be dangerous to children and animals. I think the practical lesson from what I read was basically:


Have a great week.

Happy Snapping.




  1. You put a lot of work in it to present this creation. Well, it may not be “work.” If I’m interested in something or finding out something, it’s fun, it’s not work. The Health part is interesting, I didn’t know that. It’s nice to know. The Hazard part is also good to know. Thank you for sharing!


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