Why New York Is The Best City For Insomniacs!

This weeks challenge has given me a chance to reminisce when in March 2008 I was physically fit enough to travel to New York. The flight from London Heathrow to JFK was the first time I had ever travelled on an aeroplane. I know, how many people wait until they are 56 years young until their first flight experience.

As a first time traveller, it wouldn’t surprise you that I spent most of the 7 hours dealing with anxiety and nerves reminding myself why I had never been on a plane before. Therefore, I am not able to share with you any from up in the mid-heavens.

I would have relished the chance to share with you some New York skylines from the top of the Empire States Building. Sorry to disappoint you.  Well, I don’t deal with enclosed spaces too well, particularly when you’re sitting in a wheelchair inside a cramped lift (or elevator for my American readers).

However, despite my own personal limitations, I have my friend called INSOMNIA to thank as he allowed me to take these photos at 4:00 am in the morning from the window of our hotel in downtown NY. As you can see, the city was alive filled with the iconic yellow taxi.







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