How To Experience A Truly “Headbanging” Spring?

Yesterday, March 20th, was officially the first day of Spring. The shackles of winter have well and truly been thrown off, hibernation is over. We that make up the numbers of men and women with restricted mobility can start to look forward to venturing out and capturing the delights of spring. If you love Rock & Roll, then you’ll realise the connection with my ‘headbanging’ title. If you can replicate and better what I captured last year, I can guarantee you’ll be air guitaring to your favourite tune.

In today’s post, I’m going to share a truly uplifting experience I had in the later part of spring 2016. My goal in sharing this with you today is to help you see with a little forethought and preparation what you can accomplish on your days out.

Near where I live is a relatively small woodland located at Greta Park, Hedge End, Southampton. On days when the sun is out and I’m physically able, I love to take my scooter up to the woodlands and see what is on display.

Last spring, May 2016 I was enjoying a pleasant time when I was greeted with an incredibly gracious call. I recognised it as the call of a Great Spotted Woodpecker. If you are not sure what one looks like and unfamiliar with the call, then you can see one and listen to its call here.

Over the next four days, I was able to capture photographs that still bring me such delight. It is a goal of mine this May, to try and better the picture that I obtained last year. (That will be covered in another post nearer the time).

Where Can You Find?

The habitat of this woodpecker is Forest, Woodlands, Town. Therefore, now is a great time to find an area near you that fits the above. Find one that is friendly towards your mobility scooter, and spend a little time scouting now to find where your local woodpeckers are. Then, when they start to lay their eggs in the later part of April and early May you will be ready for the big day.

Day 1

This was the first day when I had the chance to spot both a male and a female located near what I thought was the nest.

Female Great Spotted Woodpecker.


Male Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Another reason why now is a good time to start scouting is that you will invariably find trees with holes on hammered open on the side, assuming that you have found the nest to be. In my little experience, that is not always the case. So scout all the different possible locations helping you to be ready to move on should you happen to find it uninhabited.

Day 2

The following day, at around the same time as the previous morning my patience was rewarded with the very brief showing of the youngster inside. This may turn into a rather long sitting, so make sure your comfortable with some refreshments with you to aid your patience.


Day 3

This was a great day. My scouting, preparation, and patience had really paid off. In this picture, you will notice the real distinction between the male and female. The male woodpecker has this great bright red cap on the back of its head.


Day 4

“There’s my boy!”


Incredibly, when I returned on the 5th day they had all gone. So, I learned the window of opportunity is quite small. Scouting your area now will really help you make the most of your time, and conserve your precious energy.

Have a Great Week

Happy Snapping!


Thanks again for all your lovely comments this past couple of weeks.

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