Why We All Want To Feel Secure?

In the past few weeks feelings of insecurity have increased with some terrible things happening, inflicting suffering on residents in many towns and cities around the world.

We all have a natural instinct to protect those that are near and dear to us. This at times is most beautifully demonstrated in the natural world.

These photographs of wild ponies protecting their foal show the natural desire that all creation has to feel secure. These adult ponies instinctively stay close to their young and are prepared to act if necessary.

New Forest 800

One of the many great positives that come from living on the south coast of England is the accessibility of the New Forest.

For anyone planning a visit to the British Isles should take a day out of their itinerary to spend a day in the beautiful countryside and visit some unique villages of the New Forest.

One of the unique things of the New Forest is the free roaming New Forest ponies enjoy. It has been stated that there are about 3000 ponies, that are only wild because they are given free roam of the forest. However, they are actually owned by those that have holdings in the forest itself.

Sometimes, there are more ponies in these villages than tourists. If your very good, the ponies may join you for an afternoon tea with scones, jam and clotted cream.



Happy Snapping!



    1. New forest in southern England has many roaming horses and donkeys. In Devon there is dartmoor, bleak landscape and famous for the Dartmoor ponies, very tough breed. It really is a delight when you come upon a herd of these ponies. They let you get as close as they permit, there in charge, and of course when they have foals they can be a bit aggressive, but treat them with respect and there fine.

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