What’s The Best Remedy For Tooth Ache?

Is it me, or are my headlines getting a little wackier? Last week I wrote about Superman. Then there was some suggestion to all of us having a headbanging spring, and unbelievably even Mr. Trump got a mention in one.

Incredibly, today’s post does have a lot to do with a recent terribly painful toothache that I suffered with.

However, as a man of my word, let me keep my promise before I delight you with my dentist visit.


Last Friday when I mentioned Superman, I requested some help in identifying this little chap.


You remember!

I kindly asked if anyone knew the official name for this bird to let me know. I had been addressing him or her as a White Goldfinch. I had a feeling this was highly impertinent, and I am so happy that one of my readers Alanna Pass informed me that its name is Leucistic Goldfinch.

Something new that I learned was there is a difference between leucistic and albino birds. It’s surprising how many different species of birds can be affected. This website called British Bird Lovers has an interesting article on it.

So, many thanks to Alanna for helping to answer the question and expanding all of our knowledge. Alanna is a keen participant in the Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by WordPress. You can see her posts here on By Alanna Press.


Now, let’s get back to the matter of my dentist. Well, I had begun to have this slight nagging pain in the side of my face. I’m used to dealing with pain most days, so a little extra doesn’t normally raise any red alerts. Unfortunately, despite using my own little home remedy of soaking it in whisky to alleviate the pain the pain would not budge.

I go off road a little, but it was a little surprising to find that whisky was not mentioned in the Top 10 Home Remedies for Tooth Ache. If you’re interested what makes the top 10, then have a look here.

This pain carried on for days and was beginning to impact my photography more and more. I decided that I needed to visit the dentist even though he’s about a 45-minute drive away. I was booked in for an emergency appointment, so had to move fast.

Well, as we made our way down the A31 between Southampton and Bournemouth we drove past a buzzard sitting authoritatively in a tree. I saw it at the last minute and so not to be disappointed we made a U-turn at the next safest place and drove back on ourselves. Then, as we passed the beautiful bird of prey for the second time, driving much more slowly, he decided to spread his wings and give me on a silver platter:

1: My Favourite Photo for March 2017


2: My No 1 Remedy for Toothache.

It beats the Guava Leaves, Wheatgrass Juice, and Asafetida that non-photographers prefer to use.

Here are my other 2 most favourite photos for March 2017.

N2 0378 greenfinch

N2 00389.jpg


Now that the evenings are getting longer, I tend to try and take some evening shots.

Therefore, my goal for April is a Woodlands shot on a lovely evening.


Have a great week

Happy Snapping.




  1. Wow… the little mutt piebald wanna be a finch maybe guy’s beak is a bit off. It’s not a fully formed finch beak. It really looks like some birdie had some fun when their birdie spouse was a away from the nest looking for food. Wonder what he is. He looks content whatever he is.


    1. It was rightly identified as a A Leucistic Goldfinch by Alanna. this condition seems to affect many species. the lack of a pink eye stops it being Albino, and is capable of producing young of normal colour for a European Gold Finch. Thanks for comments

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Peter this is an excellent post, showing you have knowledge while not being omniscient (not even about home remedies). And it made me laugh. You should admit you’re findings to The Journal of Dental Science. You have empirically proven your point ☺


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