Why Let Nature Be The Teacher, We The Student?

I suppose we are at that time of the year when everyone starts looking forward to their summer holidays.

Are you going anywhere nice?

Me? Well got a few plans up my sleeve.

Any of you thinking of going abroad? It seems that more and more are planning on staying here in the UK. Great idea, if we have a good summer. If we don’t, then you’ll be wishing that you took the bargain flight to Ibiza.

Anybody got any plans to go to Corfu? Why Corfu?

In today’s post, I wanted to share with you some photos that I took of some insects.

Insects are beautiful creatures. Sometimes, they look more beautiful in a photograph than they do in real life. That’s probably because, they don’t scare you when you are looking at a TV, tablet or computer screen.

See a spider, bee, or some other creepy crawly in real life and you’re looking for the nearest chair to jump on, or table to hide under. Normally, it’s the man of the house that has to deal with it and see that it is securely put outside.

When we see a creature like this up close on a photo, it can actually become a rather educational experience.

You’ll notice on this photo that I captured, the bees legs are both absolutely laden with pollen.


These photos are taken with my normal Nikon camera using a High ISO of around 1600.

The ISO setting for these is 1600. This ISO setting will be different each day depending on the natural light.


If you want to capture photographs like this, then you’ll need to use a fast shutter speed.

It would be better if you are able to use the manual or semi-automatic settings on your camera.

If you are using a point and shoot, you may find it harder to keep your photos in focus.


A third step is that I use a separate zoom to be able to get such close up of these beautiful creatures. The additional lens that I use allows me to zoom between 70-300.

3 Tips On Capturing Insect Photographs

  1. High ISO, normally around 1600. Take photos at different ISO settings to find the most suitable. Then, get as many as you can before he or she gets bored.
  2. Fast Shutter Speed –
  3. Powerful Zoom – Whilst most zoom lens will be sufficient if you want a little bit closer to maximise the potential I would recommend in having a separate 70-300 lens.

So, what does this have to do with Corfu. Well, you may have read the amazing memoirs of Gerald Durrell or recently enjoyed the ITV series.

Well, as a young boy we all know that Gerald or Gerry took such an educational view towards anything living. He was always learning. We need to sometimes take a step back and realize that the ecosystem is very fragile.

Without banging a drum, we need to take care of the environment much better. Well, we are not really able to do much on a global scale, but we can start local. We can start in our own gardens, and we can be an example as we are out and about.


You might remember that I wrote last month that my goal for April, was a woodland shot in the evening. Well, due to weather restrictions and poor health I wasn’t able to fulfil it. So, sorry about that.

I hope that you had better success, and you were able to meet your goals. I would love to see them. If any of you do send your posts which show what you were able to achieve last month, I will get them linked in with next month’s post.

However, even though I wasn’t able to get any woodland shots, I still wanted to share my favourite photo for April 2017.


I hope you like it.

Regarding May’s goals, we are in fledgling season. So, my goal for this month is to get as many fledgling photos as I can. If I do, I’ll share them with you next month.

Thanks again for reading.

Really appreciate all the nice comments. Please share this on your social media if you think someone else might enjoy.

Have a great week.

Happy Snapping



    1. Thank you, those are very kind words, I am happy you find my pics so pleasing. What kind of point and shoot camera do you use? There are what are known as bridge cameras that have excellent quality and very good macro photography settings. You don’t need to spend a lot to take great photos. Thanks again.


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