The Thrill Of The Catch

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to just quickly and simply share my favourite picture from May 2017.

These pictures emphasise the real thrill I get from capturing these beautiful creatures.

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It hasn’t been a great month allowing me to travel extensively on my mobility wheelchair, but I have had a few opportunities to get out in the garden.

N2 3586resize

N2 3580resize

N2 3386resize

My wife was doing a little of gardening, and as she was turning over the soil our little friend was grabbing the worms that were visible.


These two were captured from inside the house.

NIK 2 1103resize

This photo was taken inside. It looks like I’ve captured a reflection of the glass through the window, but this is actually a technique called Bokeh. I was using a 600mm lens, with f8 facility. It creates this blurred look in the background, and clear in the foreground.

Maybe, I’ll do another tutorial on this another day.

What photos were you able to take in May? Please share.

My goal for July 2017 is to follow the progression of the juveniles and see if I can trump the pictures I got last year of the Robin. I hope to be able to do the same with the Blue Tit family living in the garden.


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