Celebrating June And July With 6 Photographs


Yes, I am still alive and kicking.

It’s been over a month since I last posted, and I have to be honest I have missed sharing my photos with you all. Of course, I have missed you all telling me how much you enjoy the photos.

So, where have I been?

It’s been a relatively nice June & July which has afforded me a few opportunities to get out and about on my mobility scooter.

This past month has also given me some thinking time. You see, I’ve just passed 6 months since I started sharing my photographs with the outside world. The response has been really touching.

The question was: How Can I Help You More?

What prompted this question was a number of you expressed your thanks for the tutorials that I have posted.

If I’m honest, when I posted the articles I didn’t really see them as tutorials. However, it got me thinking that maybe I could be of more help if I concentrated on what you want to read rather than what I want to post.

Therefore, I’m in need of a small favour.

Would you be so kind to take less than 5 minutes to fill out a small Google Forms survey?

The response to this survey will give me necessary feedback so that I can decide whether to move from WordPress to a self-hosted website or not.

Click on the following link for the survey: PGNicholson Photography Future Development Survey

I am really grateful for your time and kindness in filling out the survey.


Let me share my favourite photographs from June and July 2017

JUNE 2017


This little friend popped up on the decking in our garden. We had a small bowl on the decking which had some tasty morsels for the birds that regularly visit. We were more than happy to share, and I was able to capture this great moment.

Don’t you just love the depth and reflection in his eye?


On a good day, my wife and I spent a little bit of time at a nearby lake. It’s called Swanwick Lakes, and it’s a beautiful place to spend a couple of hours.

I was really happy to capture the moment when the Heron decided to move from one side of the lake to the other.

It’s not the easiest photo to capture, and I did share some thoughts on this in a recent tutorial. You can read that here.

This was definitely a good day!


This is a Brimstone butterfly in Greta Park.

Actually, a lot of my photos come from this nearby park which has some adjacent woodlands.

Do you have a nearby park or woodlands that are easily accessible?

You don’t have to travel far to find some beautiful creatures, and they are waiting for you to capture them with your lens.

JULY 2017


NIKON D7200, SHUTTER SPEED: 1/640s, F-NUMBER: f/10, ISO: 2000


This friendly and vocal Wren was singing his heart out in our garden. The way I captured him with his beak wide open, you can almost hear his delightful tune (If you think hard enough).


NIKON D7200, SHUTTER SPEED: 1/2000s, F-NUMBER: f/9.5, ISO: 560


In June I got the Heron, and in July I captured this terrific creature. This photo was also taken at Swanwick Lakes.

So, if you live in the Southampton, Fareham, Bournemouth or Portsmouth area and you love photography or bird watching then this is a great place to come.

Just don’t come all at once or you’ll scare them off and I’ll have nothing to share with you next month.

There we are, back up and running.

I really hope you enjoyed the photographs, and please as always feel free to leave a comment.


Before you go, if you haven’t already filled out the little survey then here is the link again.

Click on the following link for the survey: PGNicholson Photography Future Development Survey

Many Thanks

Happy Snapping!



      1. I did, Peter. Thank you so much for the thoughtful survey! One box that I’m not sure is the level of my photographing skill. 🙂
        Looking forward to reading your. Tutorial. Thank you, again. 🙂


  1. I found myself having difficulty being specific on your survey. Haven’t been with you long. Guessing about six months. Like what you are doing. I read many blogs but yours is one of the few I follow — which is a compliment. An occasional tutorial is nice but I am too much an amateur to want more.


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