Photo by: PGNicholson Camera: Nikon D7200 18-200mm Lens

First, can I say a very warm welcome to my blog! It makes me jubilant to have you along and I trust what you find will show that whatever your circumstances are you too can enjoy the simple wonders of photography.

My love for photography has covered many years. Brownie, Instamatic, Polaroid cameras were my introduction to photography. In time I got my first SLR Camera, a Canon Rebel with a 50mm prime and later added a 75- 300 to my armoury. After finishing a college course, I was well prepared and raring to go. The problem was that you might have the gear, but affording film and processing is another thing unless you were wealthy. You couldn’t continuously keep the shutter shooting frame after frame, So you might take 3 or four shots from different angles and hope you had got one right. Not according to plan came illness and circumstances meant I had to sell my gear, including my much treasured dark room gear, with which I’d develop my black and white photos. So, I felt photography was out of my grasp.

EUREKA! ALONG CAME DIGITAL I purchased my first Fuji, best quality 4mp, afterwards a 6mp, and a massive 12mp. Superb bridge cameras. I continued to work my way up to the Nikon D7200 that I now own and love. I use a Nikon 18-55, Tamron 18 – 200 and Tamron 70- 300 plus a 1.4 extender. These are excellent lenses. Now, I hold the shutter for as long as the buffer will allow (up to 100 on the Nikon). I do though try to stick to the rules I learned with my SLR, not aimlessly blast away hoping that I will get 1 out of a hundred I can use.

The digital revolution emphatically changed my life. Now, at 64 years young I can enjoy my photography, even though I am in either a wheelchair or a motorised scooter.

Hobbies take on a different meaning for everyone. The reason I love photography so much is the thrill of the capture. Any creation that is ‘nice’ to the naked eye when captured through a lens can become magnificent, awesome. I hope you’ll agree. The general hecticness of life has somewhat molded mankind to glance at things for a second and move on to the next thing that requires their attention. People miss so much. I’m not a fan of slow-motion films, yet, capturing the moment gives me such a buzz.

Being disabled, I’m commonly faced with what I can’t do. Photography though still helps me to be a ‘creative’ and each time I “get the right shot” it’s a small personal VICTORY. I love nature, and photography helps me to study nature close up and further my education.
That’s enough to do with me. The question you have on your lips and want me to answer is “How will my blog be unique?” “With hundreds if not thousands of different photography sites out there in the blogosphere, what will I give you that’s different?”

1) Many photos that are captured can leave you speechless. Maybe it’s a frog jumping between lily pads, two mountain goats in the heat of battle, or a landscape captured from somewhere in the clouds. You Google your favourite shopping website to see what the damage will be. Colossal. Well, I hope to show you that whatever camera you may own you can still capture moments that will leave you proud.

2) Each of my posts will give tips and ideas that helped me to capture those magic moments. Those tips and ideas will be a great help to any beginner or novice photographer, particularly if you have limited mobility.

3) This third one isn’t unique. Yet, if you love photography, I’m sure you will enjoy looking at nature through the camera lens. May it bring you as much delight as it has me.

Ready, Camera, Action!